Amanda Rose Esthetic has an eye-popping new development to share! Low-lying eyelids are  one of the most common concerns of men and women of any age. There are only a few treatment options for this and most are invasive and require significant downtime. So, when we learned about UPNEEQ, the new prescription eyedrop for acquired …

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The Season is Finally Here

You’ve patiently waited for months. But finally, the season is upon us! With great big promises of abundant glow, sure to lift and restore vitality, and bring brightness and clarity. It’s LASER SEASON! The long days of sunshine are a distant memory and all that’s left of your summer color is a collection of spots. Freckles, …

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Medical Grade vs. Over the Counter Skincare

Not all skincare products are created equal. That’s hardly brand new information, as we’ve all become well-practiced at debating high-end vs value priced beauty products. Remember when you desperately wanted that deliciously fruity smelling hair spray that “scrunched” your hair to sweetly scented perfection? But your mom kept bringing home the way less expensive 3 …

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