Neurotoxin – The Breakdown

Our facial wrinkles landed layer by layer, after many years of expressing. Some might say we should wear them like a badge of honor. They’re evidence of our life experiences, both good and bad. All the smiles and all the scowls that have made us who we are today…. . Yeah, no. We have Facebook and Instagram for that. Bring on the Botox! 

If you ‘re just starting to consider treating wrinkles with neurotoxin, you’ve  probably got a lot of questions. The most common being, HOW MUCH OF IT GOES WHERE? 

Of course different practitioners will have slightly different approaches depending on the features and wish lists of each individual. The general breakdown of units per area is as follows:

There are many different factors that determine how much neurotoxin is required to achieve the desired result. Some of these factors include:

  • Gender – Men typically have larger facial muscles and require more units.
  • Facial muscle strength: Just like any other muscle, repetition of action increases muscle strength. Individuals more prone to frowning, smiling, squinting, or pursing the lips may require more neurotoxin.
  • Metabolism: Botox usually lasts 3-4 months. Those with faster metabolism will need treatment more frequently.
  • Severity of treatment area: Deeper lines require more units.
  • Client preference: Some patients want complete correction with no movement. Others prefer a more natural result with partial muscle functioning. 

Now let’s talk DURATION. Unfortunately, neurotoxins don’t last forever. Eventually the paralysis wears off and the nerves are again able to signal the muscles to start contracting. Generally, treatments last 3-4 months. Some lucky patients enjoy 4-6 months of wrinkle-free skin, while others may only get 2 months out of an injection. Men tend to require more frequent treatments. It’s also common for first-time patients to notice their movement returning sooner than subsequent treatments. 

Neurotoxin can address a wide variety of concerns, both medically and esthetically. Amanda is well-versed in all applications, techniques and the complete range of available products.  She’ll consider all of the factors discussed here, and devise a custom treatment plan accordingly. 

Neurotoxin treatments such as Botox are very effective and very affordable. Talk with Amanda about how this treatment can take time off your face, addressing your areas of concern unit by unit. About 2 weeks after treatment, you might see something closer to your 20 year-old self looking back at you in the mirror (ok, maybe neurotoxin PLUS a bunch of optimism).  But seriously, give it a shot (ha!) and you’ll wish you’d started the day your first wrinkle showed up.



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