The Season is Finally Here

You’ve patiently waited for months. But finally, the season is upon us! With great big promises of abundant glow, sure to lift and restore vitality, and bring brightness and clarity. It’s LASER SEASON!

The long days of sunshine are a distant memory and all that’s left of your summer color is a collection of spots. Freckles, dark spots, capillaries, and other accelerated signs of premature aging. They all gotta go and now that your summer pigment has faded, it’s the ideal time to obliterate them! While we’re at it, we can tackle the fine lines and wrinkles that have sprouted.

Late Fall to Winter is the ideal time for laser resurfacing and photofacial treatments. Why?

1. Laser treatments are most accurate, therefore most effective on untanned skin, in it’s natural tone. Wait for any hint of color to fade before treatment. Chances are, you’ve already started hibernating as the temperature outside continues to steadily drop.

2. Laser-treated skin is ultra sensitive to sunlight. Even moderate sun exposure must be avoided following a laser treatment to protect the skin from further damage. In other words, the sun will aggressively replace all the damage you just removed, and add a fresh batch on top of it. 

So stay under cover before and after treatments. Consider using your recovery time to delegate outdoor chores such as leaf raking and trash duty.  Ignore overly chatty neighbor getting mail, inexplicably at the exact same time as you every single day. Park obnoxiously at the grocery store so as to limit the walking distance between vehicle and store entrance, etc and so on…If sun exposure can’t be avoided, layer up and pile on the sunscreen. 

So we’ve firmly established Fall/Winter is the ideal time for laser treatments. So which laser treatment is right for you? Amanda Rose Esthetics uses Venus Versa™, a cutting edge medical aesthetic device that targets a wide range of concerns.

The two most popular treatments are IPL and Fraxel. IPL is light based and uses short bursts of high energy light to penetrate the skin and target brown spots and blood vessels. Fraxel uses laser energy to precisely target damaged skin such as wrinkles and fine lines while leaving surrounding areas untouched. 

Benefits of IPL:

  • Best for treating sun damage; fading brown spots and reducing redness.
  • Long lasting results, minimal downtime.
  • Short procedure time of around 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Both face and body can be treated with IPL.

Benefits of Fraxel:

  • Improves texture and tone, reduces pore size.
  • Smooths wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Minimizes poor size and acne scarring.
  • Treatment areas extend beyond face to neck, chest and hands.

Both treatments are minimally invasive, easily tolerated and with a short recovery period.

You might be thinking what a fortunate coincidence it is that laser season aligns with the holiday season. At this point in 2020, it’s in our best interest to take advantage of anything that can be described as ‘fortunate’. Only kidding. But seriously, talk with Amanda or Jessie about your skin rejuvenation wish list. Learn how laser treatments might just be the gift you never knew you always wanted.