BROWza! Exploring Eyebrow Enhancements

Holy BROW, things have gone way beyond plucking and tweezing in the eyebrow maintenance department, opening up some very exciting face-framing possibilities!  We all know a change in eyebrow shape, size, and/or fullness can be positively transforming! That is the totally excellent and also totally terrifying truth about the powerful impact of eyebrows. 

Fortunately, Amanda Rose Esthetics recently welcomed brow expert Joanna Marza (instagram – @raincitybrows) to the team and she’s wowing us with her brow perfecting skills. More on superstar brow artist Joanna in a bit…

Here’s a quick look at brow treatment options now available at Amanda Rose Esthetics:

  • Microblading  a hand applied, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, custom designed and delicately drawn to perfectly replicate real individual hairs. This service includes brow design based on measurements, face shape, bone structure, facial features and the client’s desired results. 
  • Powder Brow – another semi-permanent treatment applied by a digital device that allows color to be layered into the brow, creating a soft, powdery looking brow. Powder Brow is ideal for those with an existing shape who are looking to fill in sparse areas and create a denser brow. 
  • Blade and Shade (Combo/Fusion Brow) – a combination of both techniques. Microblading is applied around the border of the brow to give the brow a natural look. The powder effect is applied to the body of the brow for fullness and depth. 

Keep your eye on Amanda Rose Esthetics for more on Joanna and her permanent makeup artistry. Better yet, call ​​​​(425) 949-9905 for your free consult! She can’t wait to meet you.