A Whole Body Approach to Hair Growth

It makes complete sense that inner wellness will result in full, strong, vibrant, healthy hair.  But for some reason we keep buying products to strengthen, thicken, bodify and most expensively, GROW hair. Our first instinct is to put product on the problem. Volumizing powder? Add to cart. Thickening paste? Ring it up! Hair regrowth serum? I’ll take 6 bottles and just refinance. We probably don’t actually need to feed the kids three meals every day…

A commitment to whole body health has led Amanda Rose Esthetics to discover Nutrafol (www.nutrafol.com).

Nutrafol’s doctors and clinical experts have learned there are five root causes that can compromise hair. 

  • Stress. 75% of Americans report increased feelings of stress in the past year (no kidding). Over time, stress can disrupt our hormones and increase nutrient deficiencies needed for hair growth.
  • Hormones. Genetics and lifestage (such as menopause) increase the likelihood that DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) will affect hair follicles and cause thinning hair.
  • Environment. Overstyling, pollutants, and heavy metals disrupt normal hair follicle cycling and increase oxidative stress in the body. These stressors can come from air, water, personal products, and food.
  • Metabolism. The hair follicle has 20 different types of cells that need energy for hair growth. Your cellular metabolism is what provides that energy for your follicles to grow hair. 
  • Nutrition. Key nutrients from diet help build hair fibers, texture, and support hair follicle health. Only one in ten US adults meet the daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables, which provide nutrients to the body and support gut health needed for their absorption.

Nutrafol has formulated supplements to address all of these factors and more. Their key ingredients and formulas have been clinically tested, and their research published in medical journals. Clinical trials indicate significant hair growth in a little as 3 months.

Nutrition, exercise and rest are vital to whole body wellness. Supplement these practices with Nutrafol and your hair will show off your dedication and commitment to health and vitality.