Botox Maintenance

The majority of BOTOX® patients are thrilled with the results from their initial treatment, and immediately want to know how to keep their newly refined features. There are a few factors to consider when determining the time frame between injections. 

How often should you get BOTOX® treatments? As months go by, wrinkles will gradually resurface, and facial contractions will resume. However, with regular treatments, you can keep these wrinkles at bay, but more importantly, PREVENT NEW ONES from forming!

Typically, the effects of BOTOX® last for up to three to four months. Continued treatment results in minimized facial contracting which means  the period of time for each treatment may be extended longer than three or four months.  

Factors that affect results and length of time between treatments are:

  • How many units are used. If a smaller amount is injected into the target area, the results will wear off quickly. 
  • Muscle characteristics. Patients with particularly thick facial muscles will require more injections in order to achieve the desired effect. This is because thicker muscles are more difficult to affect with injections, and rather than injecting deeper into thick muscles, more injections are administered to ensure that the same safety standards are met. Another factor that can affect results is the specific muscle that is being treated. BOTOX® and other neuromodulators wear off most quickly in the muscles that are used most frequently, such as crow’s feet that surround the eyes since you are constantly blinking throughout the day. Also, the bigger the muscle, the quicker you will see the results diminish (and vice versa).
  • Your lifestyle. The amount of physical activity you participate in is a factor that can affect results. Those who exercise consistently may notice that their results from injections fade faster. This is because a physically active person’s metabolism runs at a much higher rate than more sedentary people. Conditioned bodies tend to heal faster and will eliminate the product  from their body more quickly.
  • Your injector’s expertise. The experience of the injector is a very important factor that can affect results. If BOTOX® is injected too deeply, it is possible to hit a blood vessel which could cause bruising. On the other hand, if BOTOX® is injected too superficially the result can be visible lines or bumps in the skin. 

Amanda’s knowledge, experience and skill ensures patient safety, minimal discomfort, and results that often exceed expectations. She will consider all of the above and more to create the ideal treatment schedule for each patient.