Keep YOUR Lips, Just Make ‘Em KYSSEable.

Lip fillers can smooth, plump and contour, creating a picture-perfect pout instantly, making it one of the industry’s most popular treatments. Galderma is a leading manufacturer of hyaluronic acid fillers, and they’ve developed a brand new product, designed to address the two main concerns from providers and patients. 

  • Natural look, feel and movement.  The innovation in Kysse, Galderma’s new hyaluronic acid filler is the use of the proprietary XpresHAn (aka “expression”) Technology. This new product changes the way hyaluronic acid binds inside your lips. It has the ability to bind with your own tissue, becoming one with your lips. So talking, kissing and smiling looks and feels more natural. 
  • Long lasting results. The second reason this new product is such a big hit is that providers are learning that less product is needed to achieve desired results, and effects are lasting significantly longer than with other facial fillers. Kysse has the potential to last nearly a year, while the standard time frame is 3-6 months.

Kysse is quickly becoming one of Amanda’s favorite products as it allows patients to keep their own natural shape and feel, while delivering the smoothing, plumping results we desire. Fewer treatments due to longer lasting product sweetens the deal. This treatment is especially ideal for those considering lip filler but fearful of looking as if they’ve had their lips “done”. 

Check out this gorgeous pair recently enhanced with Kysse at Amanda Rose Esthetics!