Patient Perspective – Fibroblast Plasma Therapy Recovery

You’ve seen our girl Kristi’s beautiful face highlighted here before, and she’s back to give us her daily recovery report after a recent Fibroblast Plasma Therapy treatment. Kristi elected to have multiple areas treated in a single appointment, so her recovery process was considerable. Many patients opt to treat smaller areas over several appointments for a faster and less intense healing process. Some, like Kristi, plan for significant recovery time, and tackle all areas in a single appointment. Patients can talk with Amanda, and find the treatment plan that works best for them. 

Why Fibroblast Plasma Therapy? Kristi chose Fibroblast Plasma Therapy to diminish and possibly eliminate wrinkles around her eyes, and deeper furrows between brows. Amanda also treated Kristi’s lower face, jawline and neck to firm and tighten. Fibroblast Plasma Therapy reduces wrinkles and increases collagen production, making it the ideal treatment option for Kristi’s concerns. 

What to expect during treatment? Kristi’s session was almost 6 hours long, and she prepared for discomfort with an OTC painkiller. Certain areas, especially the neck, are very sensitive and that’s where she experienced the most discomfort.  Amanda will discuss options for pain management (patient comfort is priority for Amanda) as well as determine estimated length of treatment with each patient prior to their appointment. 

Kristi took photos for us throughout her recovery. This photo was taken the evening of the appointment. Scabs had formed, swelling had already begun.

The morning after treatment, she awoke with additional swelling.

24 hours after treatment, plenty of swelling, some oozing beginning.

Day 2, she woke up with eyes swollen and increased oozing.

Day 3, swelling persisted, but didn’t increase. Face felt hot throughout the day.

Day 4, slight improvement in swelling and heat. 

Day 5, after showering and gently removing loose scabbing. Definite reduction in swelling.


And finally, 2 weeks post treatment, Kristi reported 75% wrinkle reduction! 

A microneedling treatment is planned to even the skin tone, and eliminate any slight redness that remains. 

We appreciate Kristi documenting her daily progress and sharing it with us. She’s amazed by her results! We’ll check back in after her microneedling treatment for an update.