Botox Verses Fillers

Botox Verses Filler??

Have you been considering doing something about the areas of your face that seem to be sinking, deflating or wrinkling at an alarming rate?

Any rate is alarming when it comes to the preservation of your most important physical feature, your FACE! The options can be overwhelming when first considering facial rejuvenation.

Let’s start with defining the two most common treatments.

Botox (and other brands which we will discuss in a later post) is an injectable neurotoxin that works by stopping communication between the nerve and muscle, forcing the muscle to relax. Botox type injectables are mainly used in the upper face where wrinkles form as a result of facial expressions. The results are smoother forehead lines, crows feet, and frown lines, just to name a few possibilities. Additional areas can also be treated such as corners of the mouth and “orange peel” chin.

Filler is ideal for filling in lines and creases, plumping lips and cheeks and enhancing facial contours. Amanda prefers using a hyaluronic acid filler, a substance naturally found in the body in the soft tissue that surrounds and cushions the joints. Amanda chooses the type of filler used based on the area of the face and specific needs of the patient.

During a consultation, Amanda will determine the most ideal product and technique to accomplish your desired outcome.